Oregon Real Estate Agency History 1919-2014

The Oregon Real Estate Agency The Oregon Real Estate Agency is the state agency that licenses and regulates the activity of real estate brokers, principal brokers, property managers, escrow agents and real estate marketing organizations in Oregon. It is also responsible for registering campground membership brokers and approving condominium filings. Agency staff currently consists of 27 professional employees who carry out the mission of the Agency. Agency’s Mission The mission of the Oregon Real Estate Agency is to provide quality protection for Oregon consumers of real estate, escrow, and land development services, balanced with a professional environment conducive to a healthy real estate market

Acknowledgements The Oregon Real Estate Agency gratefully acknowledges the following people for their work on this publication.

Kathryn “Katie” Archambault – Research and Writing James Owens – Research and Writing Mesheal Heyman – Editing Mary Gorton, State of Oregon, Publishing & Distribution – Graphic Design

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